Niki Petroulaki
Fitness Coach & Yoga Teacher

Ι first met Anna when she came to Greece after her studies in America and later, we collaborated for a while at the “Asana” fitness center. I got to know her better when I attended my second yoga training program with her.  She is sweet, kind-hearted, open-minded; a lady of a few words and more actions. Accordingly, we organized our first retreat, and then two more, and now, we share not only the same passion but also, wonderful, unique memories. What I really like about her, is that she is a doer. She knows how to team up, she knows how to serve consistently and professionally what she loves, all these years, and she knows how to convey her enthusiasm to you. I am grateful that our paths met!

Rebecca Giannopoulou
Medical Tattoo Artist

Yoga with Anna is an experience by itself. As a tattoo artist, a time came in my career where my whole body was in pain and I started looking for a cure in physiotherapy and physical exercise. Yoga with Anna gave me relieve and got me back in shape. She managed to combine her positive energy with exercises that work, calm, and are a joy to practice.

Eri Vavouraki
Health and Fitness Coach - Nutritionist

I developed deep respect and appreciation for Anna’s teaching from the first moment I met her, in 2008. In 2013, after a retreat in India, we came closer; in yoga retreats people open up, our gratitude for life is triggered. Anna is a magic teacher, because she can guide and teach everyone, from a beginner to a senior practitioner, with absolute safety and every class with her is a unique and refreshing experience.

Stella Kaltsidou
International Basketball Player – Coach

My first yoga class was during the preparation of the National Team. Until then, I was skeptical about the benefits of this practice. Anna changed that instantly. From the very first moment she entered the court, we could all sense her good vibes and tranquility. As a prior player she understands the effects of the training fatigue and as an experienced yoga teacher she knows how yoga can take an athlete to the next level; she made us realize it, too. After the class we felt our bodies light and calm, and our minds serene. My dear Anna, thank you for expanding our mindset!

Electronic Music DJ

I had the pleasure meeting Anna at a yoga retreat at Kerala, India. She is a warm, friendly and open minded teacher with a really nice and peaceful energy. Her classes are well balanced with a down to earth sensitivity and the work goes deep and stays in the body long after class is over. I like her style of teaching, the precise announcements and the loving way she carries yoga. 5 stars and beyond!

Phaedra Kali
Phaedra Kali
Life & Business Coach

Anna is a high energy open hearted human. I have really enjoyed trying out yoga again with Anna after a long while. My body felt stiff and after one class, I left feeling relaxed, my body felt softer and a whole lot happier! Highly recommend one of her live or zoom classes!

Τζώρτζης Δικαιουλάκος
George Dikeoulakos
Basketball Coach, Physical Education Teacher

I met Anna while I coached the national women’s basketball team. For us, the preparation period is a very hard time, both physically and mentally, and Anna offered to solve some issues of fatigue, injuries, and self-confidence. From the very first session that took place on the court, the results were impressive and my players persistently asked to repeat the class, on a daily basis. Especially in some players who were facing minor problems with fatigue and injuries, Anna’s presence played a catalytic role, as well as her general presence, so that we could all relax (we, coaches also, participated in the class) and cope with the challenges of the European Championship, with great success. Thank you very much Anna for showing us other ways, for helping us so much!